A lantern is a very important part of any camping trip. While people love the night time when camping for building campfires, telling ghost stories, and taking walks, it can be very dark and extremely hard to move around. Camping in the dark with no light calls for tripping and stumbling over things. That is why lanterns are one of the top items to bring on a camping trip. Lanterns are also much needed to keep at home or in your car for emergency situations. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a camping lantern.

Size and weight

The best lanterns to take on camping trips are those that are small and lightweight enough to transport. Smaller lamps are more ideal for backpackers since they barely weigh anything. These lanterns are perfect for backpackers since they have a low output. Not much light is needed for using the bathroom, having a small snack, or reading in your tent before bed. Alternatively, larger lanterns weigh more but they also can light up an entire campsite. Also, remember that battery-powered lanterns will more than likely weigh more than those that are solar-powered or rechargeable.

Battery Type

It is crucial to consider what type of batteries your lantern will take. Some lanterns use alkaline and lithium batteries, while others don’t. The downside to alkaline batteries is that they lose half of their capacity when the temperature gets below freezing. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, work a lot better in more freezing temperatures. If the lantern you choose does end up taking alkaline batteries, you should keep them wrapped in a towel, blanket, or on the inside of your sleeping bag to prevent the cold weather from sucking all their power.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Camping Lantern
Things to Consider When Choosing a Camping Lantern

Water Resistant

There aren’t many lanterns out on the market that are completely waterproof, however, many are water and splash resistant. Lanterns are used outside in all different types of weather conditions. They’re used near lakes and rivers, so some type of water protection is much needed in your lantern. While you won’t be submerging your lantern completely in water, it may get rained on or anything, so it’s important to have a lantern that can withstand some water.

Other Important Features

Another important feature to consider when shopping for a camping lantern is a hook or loop attached to the lantern for hanging purposes. It always comes in handy to hang your lantern from a tree, pole, or even inside your tent. You also want your lantern to have big, easy accessible buttons. Most times, you’ll be trying to turn on your lantern in the dark and big buttons allow you to do so with ease. Lastly, look for a lantern with wide legs that can be easily adjusted. These types of legs allow for a more stable base and you’re able to set up your lantern in more places.

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