An oil lamp is a piece of equipment that holds and burns fuel to light up an area. Oil lamps are used by people all over the world for a variety of different reasons. They’re not only good for when the power goes out, but they’re used for decoration, to add ambiance, and around the holidays to feel warm and cozy. No matter the reason for using an oil lamp, it is so important to use safety precautions so that a fire is not started. Here are several safety tips to follow when using indoor oil lamps.

Use the correct oil

The most important thing when it comes to using an indoor oil lamp is the type of fuel that you put in it. You must use the proper fuel to ignite your lamp. Clear lamp oil is the safest, most reliable option because it is made only for oil lamps. One alternative to clear lamp oil is colored lamp oil, however, you need to be extra careful if you choose colored oil because it is very likely that it will leave stains on your lamp or burner. Never ever substitute lamp oil with gas, acetone, propane, alcohol, or any cleaning supplies that you may have lying around the house. The only other oil that is okay to use is citronella oil, only if you’re trying to keep bugs away using your outdoor lamp.

Adjust the wick

Adjust the wick
Adjust the wick

Not only should you not put too much oil in the oil font, but you want to make sure you’re keeping a trimmed wick. Wicks do not burn, instead, it is the oil that burns as it’s drawn up the wick. If you’re always trimming your wick, you will have a bright light, less smoke, and controllable, even flame. Always make sure to trim the charred edge of the wick before you light it. One wick will last a while if it is correctly drawing lamp oil.

Refuel with care

Never add more lamp oil to a flaming or hot lamp. Always wait until your lamp has had time to cool down before adding more oil. A wick that has been soaked in oil is very flammable so it should be kept away from any and all heat, once you’ve removed it from the lamp. Be sure to clean up any spills before filling your lamp with more oil.

Keep away from children and pets

Always keep your lamp safely away from any children or pets. Children are curious and find flames to be intriguing, so you don’t want to tempt them. Also, depending on the color of your lamp oil, many children may think it is soda or fruit juice and may want to take a drink, which could lead to life threatening injuries. It is best to keep your lamp out of children’s reach, so they aren’t tempted to touch it or drink the oil. Never leave your oil lamp unattended and make sure all curtains, blankets, and any other flammable items are kept away from it at all times.

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