Whereas once upon a time lanterns were a necessity in order to have a constant and controllable light source, nowadays they are, more often than not, used simply for aesthetic reasons.

As most modern homes have electric lighting installed and portable electric torches or even flashlights on smartphones have taken over when on the move, there are less instances when a lantern might be used. However, the light of a traditional oil lamp has such a lovely warm quality to it that many people choose to incorporate them into their homes in addition to electric lighting. If you’re interested in introducing lanterns and oil lamps into your own home, then read on for our top tips around how to do so, including the best rooms in which to make the most of that comforting lantern glow. Just make sure that you’re up to date with our safety tips for indoor use before installation.

Shine in the Study


It is becoming more and more common for professionals of all kinds to work from home or work remotely at least 1 or 2 days a week. This means that, for many of us, our houses have become our offices as well as our living spaces. One way to separate these two distinct facets of life is to convert a spare room or spare space in your home into a study or office, so that you can maintain a healthy work/life balance. But these home studies needn’t just be for work – they can also be an area in which to do important ‘life admin’, scroll through social media, carry out craft projects, watch Netflix and play games. Online and mobile gaming have both experienced a boom in business over the past 12 months or so, with studies now claiming there are close to 3 billion online gamers in the world. So, whether you’re a big fan of battle royales like PUBG or Fortnite, stick to the card game classics on sites like PokerstarsCasino, or prefer something cuter and more laidback like Animal Crossing, your home workspace can transform into a home game space in seconds. An oil lamp can add to the atmosphere by making sure your eyes are not straining too much through looking at a screen in an overly bright environment. Lanterns are the perfect option for long, late night gaming sessions or even a Sunday night boxset binge on a popular TV streaming service.

Dazzle in the Den

If you’re lucky enough to have a house with spare space and don’t need to convert it into a home office or study, consider creating a den instead. This is then the perfect place to think about using an indoor lantern. The whole point of a den or snug is to create a warm, snuggly, inviting area of the house where you can watch TV, listen to music, read a book or otherwise just chill out. The orangey glow of an oil lamp can help to set the right tone in a room reserved exclusively for relaxation and can be a lot softer on the eyes and brain than the sometimes harsh white light of electric lighting or even LEDs. Some oil lamps and lanterns are beautiful items as well as being useful, so can be used to complement the décor of your den space, rather than clashing with it. Just imagine – faux sheepskin rugs, a cosy knitted blanket, plump cushions, and the soft glow of an oil lamp to enhance the mood. The only problem will be eventually having to leave! Friends will be delighted to receive an invitation to such a comfortable and intimate space.

Light Up the Living Room

cozy home

Alternatively, the living room is another great place in which to feature oil lamps or indoor lanterns. Again, they can add to the room’s décor, but they also function as a softer lighting option for the evening or early morning when you’re more interested in relaxing than feeling wide awake. The range of lanterns now available is vast, so don’t worry about finding something to fit with your existing decorating style. Everything from hand blown glass or hand thrown pottery containers, to gorgeous antique lanterns, to elaborately detailed brass oil lamps can be found in a variety of different sizes and shapes on Etsy, eBay, and in other reputable homeware stores. Prices vary widely as well but remember that paying out a little bit more at the beginning should mean that you end up with an item that was built to last. A decent lantern should cost around $200, but you can find them for as little as $20 if you are willing to sacrifice style and longevity. If pure functionality is your aim however, then these cheaper ones should work fine for certain length of time.

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