Lanterns are used all over the world for many different things. Lanterns were made to illuminate spaces, but that is not the only thing they’re good for. In many cultures, lanterns are the symbol of joy and good fortune. Lanterns are used to give off good energy and bring good luck. Lanterns may have a deeper meaning to other nationalities, such as the Chinese and Japanese, but lanterns are bought for many different reasons. Railroads use lanterns for signaling, people use them as torches, and they’re mounted to many garages to light up the space at nighttime. There are many different uses for lanterns, and here’s a few of them.


Lanterns are so beautiful when lit up that they make for the perfect decor. People use them indoors as centerpieces for dining tables, on mantles to add ambience during holidays, and even in the bathroom as a nightlight. Lanterns are also used outdoors on patios, gardens and gazebos, as they add a serene look and feel to the spaces. There’s nothing like relaxing outside with a few lanterns lit, it can really make for a relaxing atmosphere. Some people even have several lanterns leading up to their entryway of their home, which is very pretty to look at and also keeps the surroundings safer at night. Lanterns are perfect for not only adding a nice touch to spaces, but for lighting up any dull area around your home.



Lanterns are a necessity when going camping, especially the battery-operated ones. Camping lanterns are essential because you need to not only stay safe, but you have to see what you’re doing. Bringing along a lantern will help you while setting up your tent, cooking, relaxing, and also if you need to wander off in the woods. If you’re camping, especially at night, your lantern may just be your only light source, so always make sure to bring along fresh batteries when you take a lantern on any camping trip. When packing up a lantern for camping, you want one that’s lightweight, waterproof, and rechargeable. It also needs to be durable and be able to withstand an adventure.


Having a good lantern in case of an emergency is crucial. Most people think of having flashlights on hand in an emergency situation, but lanterns are much better. Flashlights tend to burn out much faster and the beams on flashlights can sometimes be very hard on the eyes. If there was ever a blackout, a massive storm, or you were stranded somewhere, a lantern is one of the most important items that you would need to survive. A good emergency lantern should be compact, extremely bright, and it should run off batteries, even rechargeable ones. Another important aspect is price. You don’t want a lantern that is too expensive since it’s only going to be used in an emergency and who has emergencies all the time? So, you may not be getting any good use out of it, but it’s best to know that you have it if it’s ever needed.

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