Natural lighting is always the best choice that gives extra coziness to the home. If you live in the southern countries, then enjoy the natural sunshine. But if you live in the northern countries and the dark time of the year is long and depressive, then the best solution is fire. It gives natural light, the feeling of warmth and coziness, as a result, fireplaces, and candles can be very helpful. What is even better than you can achieve two solutions with one action. We offer you to make your own lanterns from the recycled materials and packages. 

If your recycling bin full of glass, plastic, tin cans, and cardboard, you can reduce your waste and turn trash into home decorations in a few steps. Forget your pride, check out your trash bin, clean the glass and metal packages make your creativity free, and enjoy the process! Here are some ideas for the initial steps.

Glass Lanterns

You find a lot of food packed in bigger or smaller glass jars and if you look closer, those jars have different shapes, sizes, and capacities. Do not throw them out! It very easy to make sea-style lanterns with the simplest rope to create an atmosphere of beach at home. Bring a relaxing seaside vibe to your home with this sea glass lantern craft.  An empty food jar gives off a beachy glow with the addition of rope and spray paint, decorate with little stones or shells, put candles inside, and enjoy. 

Another way to use some empty glass jars is to make Moroccan lanterns if you want to give your home a little secret of the magical East. Paint the jars with colorful paints and decorate them with Moroccan-style patterns by using special glass paints. You can create some installations with these lanterns, incense sticks, pillows, flowers, and shisha pipe. The festive and alive Marrakech market at home!

The most stunning glass lanterns can be made not only from glass jars but use wine bottles also! Wine bottles can be transformed into elegant decorative candle holders. Decorate them with round stickers and paint, then hang with wire or place on a table.  Perfect for adding a warm glow to your celebration or daily home style.

Metal Lanterns

Bigger or smaller metal jars are also a very convenient package for some proceed products. For example, clean the metal tin when you finish eating tuna. Take the labels off, decorate them with ribbons, make a hole for a rope, hang it on a wall, put a little candle in, and the boring wall you have wanted to paint seems better and festive. 

Metal Lanterns
Metal Lanterns

The bigger metal tins after finishing beans or corns also can be cute lanterns. Use a hammer, nail, and coat hanger. Use your imagination and create some patterns, paintings, or just holiday wishes by making little holes on a tin. Later, paint tin in any color you like, decorate with a little ribbon if you like, put a candle inside, and enjoy the magical dance of lights and shadows. These elegant lanterns can be easily used inside and outside as they are safe.

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