In ancient times, people would burn handfuls of moss and shallow rocks for light because the only beam of light around was from the sun or moon. Lanterns were discovered thousands of years ago and are still heavily used today for many different purposes. Lanterns are used not only to light up spaces, but they’re used for railroad signaling, decoration, in religious ceremonies, and even in theater. With all of these different uses also comes various types of lanterns. Here’s all about the different types of lanterns.

Kerosene Lanterns 

Kerosene lanterns are lanterns that emit light from kerosene being burned. The very first kerosene lantern originated back in the 9th century. The invention of kerosene lanterns changed everything, as the lighting quality that had been used for all of those years had greatly improved. Today, kerosene is used for lighting by billions of people worldwide. Kerosene can also be used for other things such as powering jet engines and cooking. Even though kerosene is better than solid fuels when it comes to powering these things, kerosene can be dangerous because it can cause fires and explosions and result to injury. When using kerosene for anything, it is important to follow directions and not use it in enclosed areas.

Sky Lanterns  

Sky lanterns originated in Asia and are simply a hot air balloon with a small fire at the bottom of it. These lanterns float in the sky because of the fire that produces hot air that is lighter than cold air, which results in lifted lanterns. Sky lanterns are normally used in Chinese festivals and theater. Sky lanterns are also known as Kongming lanterns since legend has it that the first sky lantern was used in China when the military aka Kongming, wrote a message and let it off into the sky asking for help. Sky lanterns are also very popular among children and many people also believe that sky lanterns are a good luck charm. Today, sky lanterns have increased in popularity and many are using them during birthday celebrations, weddings, and all types of ceremonies. There is nothing more beautiful than tons of sky lanterns floating in the sky, especially at nighttime. Even though they are extremely beautiful to look at, they can be dangerous because these lanterns can land and cause a fire. Many countries have banned sky lanterns because of this.

Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns
Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns, originating from China and Japan, are lanterns made from paper and silk. They have a wooden or bamboo frame and are lit using a candle wick. Paper lanterns were originally made to look like things from nature or the culture, however, today, many lanterns take on dramatic shapes and icons. Today’s paper lanterns have battery-operated lamps as opposed to candle wicks. Paper lanterns are a symbol of joy, good luck, and celebration. The Mid-Autumn Festival in China and Vietnam is known for using paper lanterns. Paper lanterns are an old tradition that many believe is very powerful, so they are still used all over today.

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