When you are planning a camping trip, you always have to make a checklist of things to take with you. One of the things on the list is a camping lantern. You can choose from a variety of camping lanterns out there, but you might agree there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right one for you. Factors include weight, how much light it produces, how long it lasts and how durable is it. Here are a few things you should remember when choosing the best LED lantern for camping.

1. Size

Lantern for Camping
Lantern for Camping

Depending on the number of people you are going camping with or even how many people will be in your tent, you need to consider the size of the lantern. Bigger isn’t always better since it’s going to be something you might need to carry around for many miles. In which case sacrifices will need to be made, either in brightness or battery life or both. If the purpose of the lantern is just to be able to see inside the tent, you won’t need much. But if you are buying one to illuminate the whole campsite – you’ll need something bigger. Of course, if you will be coming and going from the campsite by car, get as big a lantern as your heart desires.

2. Adjustability

It would be beneficial if you get an ultra-bright LED lantern that also has a degree of adjustability in terms of light intensity. You should be able to increase the brightness outside for better visibility and safety. However, once in the tent, you should be able to adjust the lantern to the setting that does not hurt your eyes. Also, light warmth might be a factor. If you will be using your lantern not only to light the area, but also to create a comfy atmosphere, you might want to get a warm light lantern, somewhere between 2700k and 3000k.

3. Brightness

Brightness is achieved by either having more powerful LEDs or by adding more LEDs to the array in the lantern. Both paths will have their disadvantages, which is why it is best to avoid them by getting something at the exact brightness you need. Remember, the lantern will have dissipated light, so buying the brightest one so you can see the farthest is rather useless. That’s what flashlights are for. Do your research about what brightness is needed for a certain radius of illumination. You might need the lantern just in the tent or on top of a table. Get the perfect brightness for those use cases.

4. Batteries

LED lanterns will come either with a built-in Lithium ion battery or will need external batteries to be bought separately. Since batteries constitute a significant portion of the lantern’s weight, you might want to consider paying for the more expensive Lithium ion option, provided you have a way of recharging it, either with a small solar panel that many lanterns now come with, or in your car. Lanterns with external batteries are cheaper, but mean that you’ll need to carry a supply of them around. This adds complication, since you won’t be able to recharge them, and won’t be able to easily dispose of the spent ones. Built-in batteries are usually worth the price.



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