If there’s one must have on any camping trip, besides a tent, it is a lantern. Not only will a lantern light up the area outside your tent, but it can also help you see to cook, navigate around in the night, and even do a puzzle in your tent. There is an extensive amount of camping lanterns out on the market today. It can be challenging to figure out which one is the best for you. What exactly makes a good camping lantern? Well, look no further because this article will list out the best lanterns for camping out on the market today.

Black Diamond Apollo

The Black Diamond Apollo is extremely lightweight, very durable, and one of the best rechargeable lanterns out there. This makes it one of the best camping lanterns to buy. It’s super easy to use, has a modern look to it and several built-in features. The lantern’s brightness is around 250 lumens, which easily allows it to light up a nice size campground. The Black Diamond Apollo is rechargeable but has a compartment that holds several backup batteries. Its special features include legs that pop out for extra stability and a big rubber power button for easy access. Even though this lantern isn’t completely waterproof, and the battery only lasts for six hours, this is a lantern that’s worth picking up for camping.

Streamlight the Siege

The Streamlight the Siege lantern has an easy carrying handle, is battery-operated and completely waterproof, making it one of the best camping lanterns out there. It’s extremely lightweight and durable, as it can withstand drops from as high as seven feet off the ground. It features a 200 lumen LED light, a cover that reduces glare, and has the ability to be hung from a hook. Not only is this one of the best camping lanterns, but it’s great for backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking.

Lantern out in the dark
Lantern out in the dark

Coleman Twin LED

The Coleman Twin LED is a bulkier lantern with a sport-like design. This lantern features a 390 lumen LED light that is super bright, as you can imagine. The Coleman Twin LED is not completely waterproof, as it can be used in the rain, just not submerged in water. It can be ran for up to 85 hours on the highest setting which makes it perfect for long, overnight camping trips. Although this isn’t the most lightweight lantern, it still makes for a great camping or backpacking lantern.

Black Diamond Voyager

The Black Diamond Voyager isn’t just a 140-lumen lantern, but it also works as a 50 lumen flashlight as well. It is a battery-powered lantern that takes four double-A batteries and it can be run for up to 40 hours at a time. This lantern is extremely durable and able to withstand drops and bangs, as its made up of very strong materials. It also features a sturdy metal hook allowing it to be hung wherever you please. It is very easy to use and control all functions, as one single button controls the entire lighting system. Even though the flashlight part of the lantern isn’t as bright as it should be, this still makes for a great contender when choosing a camping lantern.

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